Escapism: A Love Letter

Angelica Landeros

About Angelica

I am born and raised in Colorado, the middle child of parents from Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. Art has been a big part of my life as I used it as a gateway to the world of animation and video games. Growing up I was introverted, and these the two art forms were my source of comfort when I needed it, as well as activities that deepened my relationship with my friends and siblings. The beauty of art, animation, and video games, is that I was able to escape reality for a few hours, forgetting what was happening in the world. These art forms were the main reason of continuing my education beyond high school. While I wasn't specifically studying video games and animation in college, I was interested in studying these art forms from both artistic and theoretical perspectives. Wanting to broaden my horizons and apply them in my current and future artwork.

As much as I've enjoyed studying animation and video games, they, over time, have developed a dark shadow for me as I've researched them. This is the key point to my research project.

About Angelica's Research

Animation and video games have been put in a strange position as the year passed, by which I mean they have the power they can seriously impact their audience both in a positive and negative matters. These art forms are complex; they have become more than just simple escapism and entertainment. The reasoning behind this research is to inform the viewer of the intensity and the power these art forms can hold. This research discuss animation and video games as a form of entertainment, and how these media grapple with representation. This ranges from the erasure in popular perceptions of animation history of an important figure to the validation they can do for a community often unrepresented.

In the painting series, I highlight multiple animation series both from the Western and Eastern industries. Going over the influence certain series had, either on a large or small scale, explores the influence these stories have on a single person or to a whole community. The reason for portraying the positive side in my paintings play on how people underestimate the content of animation, both from an intellectual perspective and in terms of recognizing the art form's emotional impact. This essay and research aspect give light to aspects that aren't shown in the limelight, to those who are not aware of it the power animation and video have, while still recognizing both art forms as a form of entertainment.