What Does an Education Look Like?

Tessa Kauffman

About Tessa
About Tessa's Research

How people perceive education is often restricted to institutional learning especially in the academic world, but learning is too organic to be limited to such constraints. Knowledge that is gained through independent study and life experiences is slowly being recognized as valid and worthy of recognition.  Nearing the end of my undergraduate study, I felt disappointed in a diplomas ability to communicate the expanse of my college experience. There was so much that I learned from being in college that wouldn’t show up on my transcripts. Visiting lectures, study abroad program experiences, and working jobs to pay the tuition were all just as educational as taking a three-credit course.

In this project and presentation, I explore my relationship with education, as well as create an alternative documentation to my educational experience during the last six years. The artwork consists of forty-six portraits that are seven inches square, as well as string that maps the connections between each person. With  my research I applied contemporary artists, the theory of Felix Guattari and Gilles Deleuze, as well as personal experiences into the work. The resulting installation is a visual representation of my experience in college.