The Second Coming

Isaiah Wortham

About Isaiah

I am a BA Art student with a minor in Entrepreneurship.  Outside Metro, I am a tattoo artist, serigrapher, and cosplayer.  My primary influences for the art I create are Renaissance engravings, occultism, and extreme metal music. Throughout my time at Metro, I have refined my 2D and 3D art skills through the numerous drawing and sculpture classes I have taken, as well as broadened my knowledge of art theory and technique though art history courses. These courses, combined with my minor have certainly made me a more well-rounded artist, as well as offered me the business expertise necessary to launch my next endeavor, opening a tattoo shop.  The professors and students I have befriended along the way have helped me get through this degree, especially the past year.

About Isaiah's Research

Throughout the past decade, America has become a land where people fight over viewpoints on topics regarding race, religion, and politics.  What this has gestated into is a fruitless battle of who is "right" and "wrong" on topics that, truly, have no clear solution.  A plethora of extremist groups and activist groups have rapidly evolved over the last few years, and tensions will likely reach a tipping point soon.  These groups include NSM, Antifa, Proud Boys, and BLM.  Countless hours were spent extrapolating information regarding the history and interaction of these groups.  This research, combined with knowledge gained from personal experiences as a minority, have come together to create The Second Coming.

The work aims to depict a contemporary rapture, in which groups who, in my eyes, are on the side of evil, which includes any person or group who exploit their position and subjugate others, are cast down to Hell, and those who are on the side of good, including those who have been victim to such subjugation or have been given an unfair advantage, are granted absolution.