Raechel Kimsey

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About Raechel

Raechel Kimsey is a mixed-media artist based out of Golden, CO. Kimsey earned her Associates Degree from the Community College of Denver (CCD) and earned a BA in Art with a Minor in Psychology form the Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU) at the end of the Spring semester of 2021. Her work addresses identity, archetypes, the occult, and the unconscious. She has exhibited work at The Center for Visual Arts Denver, The Community College of Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Emmanuel Gallery, Mint & Serif Coffeehouse, and Next Gallery. When she is not occupied with studying and art making, Kimsey is a Denver area hairdresser. She has a keen interest in tarot cards, and reads for people often in her spare time. Learn more at

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About Raechel's Research

Projections is an exploration of collaborative relationships and empathy. This series of mixed-media portraits examines perception, identity, and diversity. It illuminates the idea that there is inherent beauty and complexity in each person, and encourages the viewer to discover that the beauty within themselves also exists in others. Projections is inspired by concepts that characterize the historic art movements of surrealism and dada. It speaks about the interconnectedness of all people while also honoring individuality. People who volunteered to participate in the project were asked to bring an object they believed represented themselves and then interviewed about them about how their self-perceptions.

The interviews were recorded and used as a starting point from which a series of images was projected onto the person as they were photographed. These photo sessions conducted collaboratively between myself and the sitter. Two or more photos were selected from each model’s sessions to be turned into a portrait. The resulting works contain narratives that are incidentally biographical.


The same three questions were used for each interview:

• How do you view yourself?

• How do you think others view you?

• How would you like others to view you?