How Endangered Species Influence Human Life

Ralph Root

Endangered Species, Endangered and Endangered #2  by Ralph Root, Photo by Jade Hoyer

About Ralph

Ralph Root is an Aurora, Colorado-based artist and painter whose practice includes Landscape painting, photography, and he specializes in painting wildlife on natural leaves.  He is retired from the U.S. Army, and a career in third party logistics. Root was raised in Colorado Springs and draws inspiration from the mountains of Colorado. His hobbies are camping and fishing, activities which gives him plenty of opportunity for photographing natural subjects.

Root has exhibited in juried art festivals throughout Colorado for the past ten years. He is currently attending Metropolitan State University  Denver with a major in Art. Ralph has made a commitment to become a full time Artist and continue his love of painting landscapes and wildlife art. He plans to graduate in fall 2020. His work is held in various collections around the country. Root plans on continuing his practice in Aurora where he lives with his wife of 48 years, Linda.


About Ralph's Research

Wildlife encounters are my inspiration. I have been painting wildlife for twenty years. Animals are amazing, beautiful, living things; in a wildlife photograph or painting, the most important thing is capturing the details of the animal. In my paintings and photographs, I want every animal to be seen as an individual, allowing the viewer to get a sense of its character and its soul: a portrait of that animal. 

I have a love of being close to nature and the detail of things. Most people may never get a chance to get close to the animals I photograph and paint. Cameras have allowed me the opportunity to see the fine details of the fur, skin or feathers of beautiful and rare animals and birds.

I look for the special, transitory and magical moments in nature that appear with the correct lighting, color and atmospheric conditions.

When one of my photographs or paintings hangs on someone’s wall, I want them to see the realism that the animal could step out at any minute and let them experience the feeling of being close to the beauty of nature.


Endangered series, 24” x 24” Metallic Acrylic on Canvas, Photo by Ralph Root

Plight of the butterfly.jpg

Plight of the Butterfly Series, Acrylic on Leaves, Photo by Ralph Root


Endangered Species Series, Acrylic on Canvas, Photo by Ralph Root

Endangered #2, Metallic Acrylic on Canvas, Photo by Jade Hoyer