The Riot Series

Destiny Roberts

About Destiny 

I’ve always felt lost, like I never really fit in or belonged; I never had a space that was made for me until I decided to create my own. I graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in Spring 2021, with a BA in Art and a minor in Gender, Women and Sexualities. Both aspects of my education have played a great deal in the development of my identity. The truth is, I don’t know anything about who I am other than being a powerful woman and wanting to harness that in every aspect of my life possible. I started creating things at a very young age, but it wasn’t until the past 5 years that I could look at myself and buy into the idea of me being an artist. With graduating a year after the world shut down, I’ve realized no plans or time is guaranteed, but I’ll gladly spend whatever time I have using my voice and my art to fight for what I hold close to me.

About Destiny's Research

My research, The Riot Series, is focused on the sexual objectification of the female figure through the lens of the male gaze and societies normalization of valuing women for their bodies rather than their existence. Throughout my studies I’ve taken both studio and art history courses and learned that the involvement of women and portrayal of women has been heavily controlled and interpreted by men in the artworld through the male gaze. The Riot Series embodies everything I wish I had as a young girl growing up. This work is inspired by the 1990’s Riot Grrrl underground feminist movement, a 1990's punk rock feminist movement focused on music, feminism, and politics; which radiates a sense of community I can only hope to recreate. My own experiences with sexual harassment and assault fueled this research and resulted in The Riot Series, a little piece of my heart I wish to share with the world. Being a woman is so important to my character development and I hope my work and research can inspire that development in those who choose to break the social constructs we’ve built into our society. The Riot Series is the evolution of a revolution.